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well, kids. I have a big decision ahead of me and I need some advice.

Last night I was chatting with my mom and the topic of moving out came up. She basically told me that if I can swing it financially, she's fine with it. Whoa. That was shocking and scary and exciting all at once. Instantly I started physco-analyzing the pros and cons and this is what i came up with:

CON1- i'd be moving out.
CON2- i'd be on my own financially (rent, utilities, food, water) and i'd be forced to get a new job which i would have to work full-time, thus reducing my social life to an even smaller version of what it is now.
CON3- i would have even less time with my parents than I do now.

PRO1- i'd be moving out.
PRO2- i would be forced to learn how to budget and depend on myself for stability (those all important life lessons)
PRO3- as I'm learning those all important life lessons, should something go totally awry, I would still be close enough to home for my parents to help me.

now the question is... which step do I take? if I were to move out, it wouldn't be until this summer and until I can prove to myself that I am in fact capable of saving $500-600 a month. It's a scary thought, but at the same time it's thrilling me to my toes.

and now it's your turn... fill me with your wisdom and advice.
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